👋 l'm Ben Coomber

Aka, Mr AWESOME. Coach, author and speaker of all things being AWESOME and living an awesome life. I help empower people with their potential, to become fit and strong, to follow their dreams, and be the truest version of themselves. 

Where did it all start? 

18 years ago, at age 18 I was obese, unhappy, and unhealthy. But I had a desire to better myself and realise my potential. I felt the starting point was my physical body, so I joined a gym and started my health and fitness transformation, which ended up being a truly empowering journey.

Ben the coach...

Inspired by my own transformation, at age 20 I become a personal trainer, nutritionist and coach. I coached 1-2-1 for many years, including working in elite sport, running retreats, & coaching kids. I then took my coaching online & wrote my first book.

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Nutrition Education

In 2013 that online coaching business I built, BTN, moved into education. And in 2018 we wrote the new framework for Nutrition Coaching in the UK with active IQ. We are now a UK leading Nutrition Education company training 100s of coaches a year. 

The BTN Academy

Public Speaking   

I LOVE it. It's where I come alive. Since starting in 2011 I've spoken at every major fitness expo as a headline speaker, spoken globally at personal development events, delivered my flagship talk 'How to be AWESOME' for HSBC, Sky TV, M&S, the NHS, & Twinnings Tea.

Winning awards :) 

In 2012 my desire to inspire saw me start a podcast, which quickly became #1 and top 10 in the world. In 2019 I was awarded health contributor of the year, and in 2021 and 2022 I was awarded nutrition coach of the year. My podcast ran for 10 years with me doing 685 shows. The show is no longer running, but you can still listen to it all. 

Ben Coomber Radio

Award winning supplements

In 2016 I was frustrated with the lack of honestly in the world of supplements. So I started Awesome Supplements. Since then my products have won 5 awards, and we fuel 1000s of AWESOME humans every month with our research backed, awesome tasting, plant-based supplements. 

How to Live an Awesome Life

This Dec 2022 my new book is available for pre-order, my 11 step formula for becoming the most AWESOME version of yourself and living an awesome life.  

Life right now? 

Life is but an AWESOME journey. Right now I am a coach inspiring 1000s with the AWESOME message, a public speaker & guest podcaster banging the AWESOME drum, an author passionate about the AWESOME message, and CEO to my 3 companies.

Life, is, AWESOME.  


How to Live an Awesome Life

Get the body you want, the success you dream of, and the freedom you crave with my 11 step process for living an AWESOME life.  

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